Video #1:
The Innovator's Canvas
Video #2:
The Four Types of Innovation
Video #3:
The Innovator's Journey
Video #4:
The Next Step


To this free video mini-series on Innovation.

In this series I'll cover how to use the Innovator's Canvas as well as the four types of innovation and The Innovator's Journey - how to go from idea to scale in 12 steps. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next videos in the series!
Introducing The Innovator's Canvas

Download The Innovator's Canvas and Slides from the Video Free Below.

Note: the video was recorded with Innovator's Canvas 2.5. Since 3.0 is the latest, the template and slides below refer to 3.0.
Innovators Canvas 3 Image

The Innovator's Canvas 3

An all-new way to create a new business plan on a single page.
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Slides from Video

Everything you need to get started.
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