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The Innovator's Journey Overview

This free video training is designed to put a method behind the madness of innovation and walk you step-by-step through the journey of business model discovery.


Problem / Opportunity Fit

Every Innovation Journey starts with an idea for solving a problem. This is where you clarify what your idea is, what problem you are trying to solve and for whom you are solving it.


Problem / Solution Fit

This is the discovery phase where you come up with rapid prototypes in an effort to quickly find, test and validate your solution with your target customer.


Product / Market Fit

This is the build stage where you take your validated solution to market with a brand, messaging and channel that generates consistent and sustainable sales volume.


Business Model Fit

This is the scale stage where you rapidly extend your solution to more customers and define, model and optimize  your business processes to handle the growth.

This Free Training Will Show You...

How to Document Your Idea Using The Innovator's Canvas

The Innovator's Canvas is an all-new way to model innovation and new business opportunities.

How to Formulate A Compelling Innovation Strategy

Crystalize your innovation strategy and go-to-market plan using the Four Types of Innovation as a framework for success.

How to Go From Idea to Scaled Solution with Product / Market Fit

The Innovator's Journey will help guide you throughout creation and commercialization of your breakthrough new idea.

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